Welcome to my blog. I hope that this will prove to be a useful place for both educators and parents. 

I am hoping that teachers who find their way here may learn a little more about students in their classes who may have subtle learning problems and I  want to offer support and advice to any parent whose child is finding school difficult.

I want to address some of the concerns that parents have and talk about what to do:

if your child is the one who cries on a Sunday night because he doesn’t want to go back into school on Monday, but his class teacher says he is doing fine;

if your child is the one who says, ” I sit there and it all goes over my head”, but you can’t work out why she isn’t taking in the information;

if your child is the one who says things like, “my brain won’t do what my hand tells it to,” when he is writing, but his teacher doesn’t think he is dyslexic;

if your child is the one who just doesn’t seem to “get” maths (or science, or reading);

if your child is the one struggles to memorize things like times tables or spellings.

I don’t have all the answers, and the ones I do have are almost never quick fixes, but with time and effort and a helpful approach, improvements can often be made!

I also want to discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of our current education system. I don’t want to make this a place for just criticizing class teachers; I’ve been one and it is incredibly tough. Many teachers do an excellent job and most students make great progress in their classes.  I know that even with differentiation, not every lesson can be made to fit every single student perfectly. I also know teachers can’t be everywhere and do everything they’d like with every student. Some teachers though do seem to have more awareness of specific learning difficulties and of the needs of individual students than others and I hope this will give some additional ideas and insight.


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